Rick Plavnicky

Rick's your average shaved-head, fire-juggling biker having his way with technology for fun and profit. These are some of his pictures.

Katelynn Stinnett Run - June 18, 2011


Katelynn Stinnett Run - June 18, 2011 - In the hills of New Jersey.

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Tenth Kelsey Run


The annual Kelsey Run is a fundraiser event that takes place in Bridgewater, NJ. The actual run itself is short but interesting as the local police clear a path for thousands of bikers to rumble through their towns. These images before and after the ride (it's hard to work a camera and ride at the same time!) are from June 19, 2005.

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Orange County Choppers - July 2008


July ride to Orange County Choppers We took a ride to Orange County Choppers in July 2008. The circumstances that led us there were... trying... but we got there. The strap of my lid got a bit of a stretch as my jaw dropped when we wheeled into the parking lot of this huge glass-and-steel edifice - it was NOT what I expected. The bike shots could be better. So much glass and a blazing July sun were just too much for my little point-and-shoot.

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NJ Motorcycle Spectacular 2008


The NJ Motorcycle Spectacular 2008 was a Cycle Promotions event. Pam wife suggested at the last minute that we ride over, and it turned out to be a very nice day indeed.

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Freedom Run to Ground Zero 2009


This used to be an annual run benefiting the Wounded Warrior Project. This set is from May 31, 2009 - our first time participating. This event drew an unprecendented crowd - 5,000 - 6,000 bikes - which seriously strained the support that authorities were able to provide. The run was subsequently discontinued for safety reasons.

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Random files - Motorcycle
T-Rex0 viewsNOT an OCC bike, this is a T-Rex trike spotted in the parking lot. Two wheels in the front and one in the rear, these things handle like there's no tomorrow, and can pull about 2 Gs when cornering.
Paul Sr.'s Bike0 viewsA little more detail. There was crud in all the right places that makes me think this is a daily rider. Check out the chrome head shot on the oil bag.
Implied Consent0 viewsI saw a bunch of these printed-on-paper signs tacked up, but I didn't see any filming taking place.
Looking Right0 viewsLooking right, a sea of bikes.
OCC Bike0 views

Last additions - Motorcycle
After the Ride1 viewsApproaching the after-party at Liberty State Park on the Jersey side of the Hudson. Thanks for coming along!Feb 23, 2017
Blocked Tube2 viewsAt least they kept one tube blocked out for us! Now, one bike in a tunnel is loud. A bunch of friends with you on their bikes is awesome. But a tunnel stuffed FULL of bikes end-to-end is mind-blowing! But remember, without the benefit of cleansing rains the pavement is always a bit slippery and too much throttle aggression can be a serious error. I didn't hear of any incidents.Feb 23, 2017
Waiting1 viewsWell, I guess you can't avoid *all* the City traffic. Our escorts were all but finished, so normal City traffic had a ton of bikes to deal with.Feb 23, 2017
Tunnel Bound1 viewsHeading for the Holland Tunnel.Feb 23, 2017
Leaving1 viewsLeaving the Ground Zero area.Feb 23, 2017
Leaving1 viewsLeaving the Ground Zero area.Feb 23, 2017
Ground Zero2 viewsIt was an emotional moment passing Ground Zero. I was bummed about the screened fence but glad at the same time - gawkers could make for dangerous driving -or- riding here. We passed without incident.Feb 23, 2017
Approaching Ground Zero1 viewsGround Zero is ahead on the right.Feb 23, 2017