Rick Plavnicky

Rick's your average shaved-head, fire-juggling biker having his way with technology for fun and profit. These are some of his pictures.

40°27'40.17"N 74°27'19.19"W1 viewsThis is the top of a flyover-style intersection. The ascending approaches from the left and right are kind of blind and the power was out. Only right turns allowed.
40°27'00.88"N 74°28'32.51"W1 viewsIn my childhood neighborhood, a tree was down.
40°26'24.11"N 74°27'12.71"W1 viewsApproaching Milltown on Riva Avenue, a tree had taken out the overhead utilities. A woman in the driveway of the house on the right waved me through her yard. Instead, I doubled back.
40°26'24.11"N 74°27'12.71"W1 viewsA resident leans on his cane and surveys the damage.
40°26'21.36"N 74°27'59.07"W1 viewsAt Farrington Lake, this is the site of a former railroad trestle. Normally you can still see part of the pilings but other than a bit of brush it's completely submerged. Irrelevant but historical note: this trestle appeared in the 1914 serial 'The Perils of Pauline'.
40°26'27.04"N 74°28'04.76"W2 viewsLeaving the Farrington Lake, this sewer overflows.
40°26'58.66"N 74°27'11.94"W1 viewsFarrington Lake is a man-made lake created when this dam was constructed. The photo on the inner liner of Undercover Bonobos CD 'Birds of North America' was shot here.
40°26'58.66"N 74°27'11.94"W1 viewsThere's an awful lot of water flowing over the dam, much more than I've ever seen.
40°26'58.66"N 74°27'11.94"W0 viewsAnother view of that awesome water flow, looking from the downstream side of Lawrence Brook.
40°26'58.66"N 74°27'11.94"W0 viewsTo get a sense of the flow check out the Wikipedia entry for Farrington Lake. The entry includes a photo showing a much more typical flow.
40°26'58.66"N 74°27'11.94"W0 viewsI decided to go for a closer look.
40°26'58.66"N 74°27'11.94"W0 viewsLooking back toward the shore.
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