Rick Plavnicky

Rick's your average shaved-head, fire-juggling biker having his way with technology for fun and profit. These are some of his pictures.

Rick Making Time0 viewsHere I am making time on the big wheel. Using a hand to lift one's self off the seat a little is one method of keeping your junk from going numb.
On the Road0 viewsIt had rained the night before, and maybe some more in the early morning, and water pooled on some of the streets.
Team One0 viewsThe obligatory group shot. What odd looks we got as we unicycled right past the 'no bicycles beyond this point' sign. After going the distance, no goofy sign would stop us from riding as close to the lighthouse as we could.
That's Me0 viewsA friend of mine ran across this one on the Web somewhere, and wrote to ask if it was me. Yup, it is.
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