Rick Plavnicky

Rick's your average shaved-head, fire-juggling biker having his way with technology for fun and profit. These are some of his pictures.

Insufficient Resources0 viewsWaddya mean, no resources? I saved this on a Saturday afternoon. I've forgotten what I was doing at the time, I guess I figured it was meaningless enough to save.
ATI_video_bios_poller_client0 viewsSeeing a common theme here? Maybe I've got some memory that's going sour.
Application Error0 viewsOh, *that* instruction. I should have known. Norton Antivirus 2008 at its best. Quoting hex strings sort of makes sense, but why is the word 'read' quoted? At least they could have ended the sentence with a period.
Aw, Snap!0 viewsEarly Chrome crash. It's not often that error messages creep into day-to-day slang. That's Google for ya.
Domain of the Damned0 viewsIs this where the guy with the horns and pointed tail logs on? Networking in Windows NT worked best in a domain configuration, and this is how I configured the domain controller machine in response. As I recall, this state-of-the-art box was a repurposed 80486-DX2 named Pokey. Things sure were different 15 years ago! Today it's trivial to throw up virtual servers but back then it was a chore, making this one captured during setup somewhat of a rarity.
Please Release Me, Let Me Go0 viewsDouble bangs. Must be important.
Drive Not Ready0 viewsThis one is kind of interesting in that the real message - all that there is to know about the problem - is in the title, apparently produced by the Exception Processing Message function when called with the particular parameters contained in the body of the dialogue itself. I wonder why the Continue button is there. "Oh, I was only kidding, I really didn't want anything from that drive after all."
Error Code 10 viewsAh, error code 1. Perfectly obvious. I'll bet a dollar that had I looked through the help files and manuals for this one I'd have come up dry.
Guru Meditation1 viewsCryptic, but very informative once you got the hang of it. The Amiga was one of my favorite boxes. But when the OS went down you would usually get one of these. With practice (and the RKMs at your side) you could actually make sense out of these numbers and come away with a pretty good idea of what went wrong.
I Thought They Left Hours Ago2 viewsShould I? Shouldn't I? Decisions, decisions... When doing some routine maintenance on my son's laptop I was cleaning up some stuff and this one made me laugh. Should I? Should't I? I think I figured they weren't worth recycling...
Installed Before? After?0 viewsWell, it definitely was before or after. Reminds me of the local grocer, who always asks, "Is that credit or debit?" The answer, quite properly, is yes, it is credit OR debit. You didn't ask which.
Nero8Reboot0 viewsA reboot is needed. Reboot. A reboot is needed. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. There's a registry entry that needs to be tweaked to get around this. It's the same one that prevented me from installing the SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Manager oh so long ago. Good thing I remember this stuff.
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