Rick Plavnicky

Rick's your average shaved-head, fire-juggling biker having his way with technology for fun and profit. These are some of his pictures.

0 viewsWe learned pretty quick that you'd better heed this one. Freakin' seagulls can get aggressive. When one got tired of competing for thrown chips and hovered a few feet from the balcony, glaring, sizing up the foolish humans, we stopped doing that.
0 viewsIt's the law, not just a good idea.
0 viewsThey'll do it if you don't, but there will be a hefty surcharge.
0 viewsThis on the side of the microwave, not sure why the ban on seafood, unless they think it can lead to a fishy smell. The ironing, well, I mean, who irons, anyway?
0 viewsDangerous territory.
0 viewsI guess it's kind of obvious from the scrape marks that many don't bother paying attention to this one.
0 viewsRight on the mirror! Like I'm going to be standing there watching myself smoke. It's a non-issue, we don't smoke.
0 viewsThis is displayed right outside the shower. And what if it's not? How will they tell? Complaints from the room underneath, perhaps?
0 viewsI guess they aren't kidding. There was one of these on every single door. Four screws per. Probably took a few days to screw 'em all in.
0 viewsEveryone knows to avoid the hotel phones because they tend to heavily surcharge looking cross eyed at the thing. No big deal, everyone carries a cell phone or two these days. But the surcharge listed on the lower left was a new one on me: "There will be a surcharge for unanswered calls which ring longer then 5 times."
0 viewsWaste not, want not. We run the AC when we're out - which is all the time - and open the sliders to the ocean when we stumble back to crash. Kinda dumb to do both.
0 viewsWe couldn't resist making some rules of our own. With good reason, we wanted to make sure we could easily carry out any leftover beer and soda on our way out. The staff listened.
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